Good news for Crypto Savers- Revolut Unveils Financial Literacy Course For Crypto Savers-Crypto news 2022

Cryptocurrency-powered financial app Revolut has announced an educational program that rewards participants for completing quizzes. The program aims to increase awareness and knowledge of cryptocurrencies and targets users of the popular encrypted storage app Revolut.

The multi-part educational series begins with the basics of blockchain and the difference between Fiat and Crypto. We will explain in detail what cryptocurrencies are for and why it is advisable to hold them in your own hands. From there you can jump straight to the Polkadot section to learn more about how Para chain networks work and what role the DOT token plays in this process.

Polkadot and Web3 Foundation support DOT Fiveaway
Revolut studied Polkadot and Web3 Foundation in their Learn & Earn course. Therefore, participants who successfully complete the relevant quiz will receive 15 POINTS. There is no need to create interactive flashcards and videos in advance as Revolt users are taught how to work before the Polcadot quiz.

Learn & Earn aims to provide a basic overview that governs the various ecosystems, rather than delve into the arcane details of how the consent process and smart contract logic work. In other words, he will be starving instead of completely satisfied.

Revlot Cryptocurrency General Manager Emil Urmashin explains: “Learn and Earn” can help you better understand cryptocurrency trends, risks and potential opportunities. The partnership with the Web3 Foundation of Polkadot, one of the most popular blockchain networks, will help clients better understand the concepts of cryptography. “

where does more come from
Revolut’s Polkadot-themed cryptocurrency course is about to launch. Over the course of the year, the financial giant will add additional modules that can also be incentives, including crypto fees. Crypto education courses have become very popular in recent years, and many exchanges and apps are developing their own iterations. These are designed to increase cryptographic literacy and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

A clear explanation of how cryptocurrencies work and why they differ from each other would definitely be helpful for those new to the industry. Currently, the range of crypto assets available on the market is in the thousands, and Revolut supports less than 100, but the average customer cannot be expected to master them.

Polkadot is a good choice to start the Revolut Learn & Earn series. Former co-founder of Ethereum. Polkadot’s predecessor, designed by Gavin Wood, behaved quite differently as a smart contract blockchain. The project is still in intensive development and most cryptocurrency holders do not use the network themselves. Taking the Revolut Polkadot quiz won’t turn you from an armchair password saver into a parachute expert, but it will be a step in the right direction. In the process, thousands of new wallets accepted their first DOT deposits.